The Sisters of Mercy Ultimate Resource Guide
14 December 2009
Information Updates
  • Site moved to permanent home.
  • Pictures, information and equipments notes added to some shows.
  • Canceled shows edited and expanded.
  • Added show/hide function in the lyric section for easier scrolling.
  • "Mini-links" added to top of some pages for easier navigation.
  • Split official records into two pages - official and promos - for easier overview.
  • Bootleg section re-vamped with search function as well as expanded with information and a lot of pictures. (Best searchfunction I could manage without having a database with the information.)
  • Gallery split up and changed.
18 November 2009
Information Updates
  • Official record section is re-vamped and contains much more information and pictures.
11 November 2009
Information Updates
  • Magazine section re-vamped and much, much more information is now available.
11 October 2009
Information Updates
  • Some cosmetical corrections.
Pictures Updates
  • Thumbnails added for easier scrolling.
8 October 2009
Information Updates
  • Various spelling mistakes corrected, setlist corrections and soundchecks added.
  • Russian Flexi discs added in Bootleg Section.
  • Lyrics Section added.
  • Interview Section added.
  • Contributors section updated.
  • In other words - major updating! :)
Pictures Updates
  • Removed Magazines from Gallery and added it to Interview Section.
  • New pictures in Gallery.
  • New concert pictures added for different shows.
29 September 2009
Pictures Updates
28 September 2009
Information Updates
27 September 2009
Information Updates
26 September 2009
Information Updates
  • Website is launched.
August-September 2009
Information Updates
  • Website is built.