The Sisters of Mercy Ultimate Resource Guide
Major Contributors
  • Nirvana Live Guide for the layout and perfect idea.

  • Huge thanks to Being645 for checking the site. For checking for spelling mistakes, comparing setlists etc. What would I have done without you?

  • Special thanks goes out to 17.auflage for sharing covers to bootlegs - including the really rare ones! Much appreciated!

  • Another huge thanks goes out to Ozpat for giving me some extra information about promodisc etc for the official section!

  • Thanks to Cyberbio for sending in the recording info for several shows - couldn't have figured those out for myself! (As I'm complete out of the loop when it comes to equipments etc.)

  • A major thank you to Cyberbio for taking his time to photograph his collection and sending me pictures to share on the website.
People who helps with the bootlegsection
  • Pictures/information from:
    17. auflage
    Big Si
Additional Contributors
Bootleg section is based on the information layout from The Sisters of Mercy, The Discography at Discogs
Letters and numbers on the dropdown menu in bootleg section is taken from here.
Galleries slideshow function comes from here.
Index picture taken from: and then slightly modified.
Pictures are taken from different webpages online.
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