The Sisters of Mercy Ultimate Resource Guide

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28 June 2002 - Bex Rock Festival, Bex, Switzerland
  • Lucretia My Reflection Crash And Burn Ribbons Train/Detonation Boulevard We Are The Same, Susanne On The Wire/Teachers War On Drugs Flood I Will I Dream Dominion/Mother Russia Summer Anaconda Giving Ground First And Last And Always Romeo Down Flood II Never Land Temple Of Love Snub Nose Vision Thing

  • Headliners.

Circulating Recordings
  • (Unknown but most likely an audience recording)
    • Equipment: unknown
    • Lowest Generation: unknown
    • Length / Sound Quality: 91:34

28 July 2002 - Alive Festival, St. Vith, Belgium
10 August 2002 - M'Era Luna Festival, Hildesheim, Germany